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March yielded two haikus and that was it.

first balmy March night
orion's belt and his sword
gaining clarity

slicing an apple
almost spring rain and bird song
restful not final

And the first haiku of April

laundry hung to dry
sound of saws, trucks and chickens
April hot as June

Feb. 22nd, 2010

in between places
airport concourses and gates
love and time occur

plane's metal wings flap
hands interlaced we depart
unknown for unknown

poplar blossoms wrapped
and stars on a cold clear night
what's after this breath

Baltimore below
a topography of snow
land for layover

cleared for departure
given assent we ascend
pressure then rising

stopped in Chicago
once i smashed up a bride's car
here you caught fever

midway at midway
on the runway by the lake
day ends while we wait

rising into night
patterns of our lives outlined
in streetlights not stars

always flying west
horizon we'll never reach
turns from peach to fire

constantly singing
forgotten birds discovered
again i delight

spinning she scatters
joy in a handful of dust
sands fall through fingers

scalp pricked as I peered
too closely into a nest
secured in cactus

ocotillo's spark
in cloudy skies ignited
by late winter's rains

my eye caught bright orange
eye of thrasher curved bill gripped
twig to build his nest

white winged doves calling
amplified by open sky
edge of afternoon

low stone labyrinth
daughter in the center laughs
seen as she sees me

seen beneath mesquite
or creosote woodpecker
or flicker i heard

sheen of black and green
darting flit of fluttering
radiance of wings

flicking hummingbird
one minute stand pollinates
blooms in broad daylight

late winter flora
Sonora seems soft and green
look but do not touch

my desert visit
as if carried within me
rain and howling wind

perfect nest woven
of grass and cottonwood seeds
i yearn for patience

under lash thin leaves
pendulous seeds pods hanging
tree's priority

leaves matter little
in land with light not water
trees feed fat seed pods

mountains on all sides
confined by grand promises
of something lasting

orange honeysuckle
under bare trees over rocks
rose fairy duster

grey stalks twisted thin
red skyrocket parts like lips
waiting balm or kiss

cliffs flat and ragged
clouds soften as jagged rain
pours streams over stones

among saguaros
soaked to cold skins and laughing
in desert deluge

jubilant she chose
grey skies and when rare hail fell
she jumped for sheer joy

foggy mountain pass
foreboding and forbidding
novelty today

February sun
as white and round as snowflakes
vanish on dark ground

train whistling downtown
coming home to winter rain
falling into falls

after i am gone
cholla close to blooming will
regrets mine alone


i like between times it seems

wake from nap's nightmare
glory of winter sunshine
snow melts, bluebirds sing

tree's snow draped arms curve
up and around morning sky
fingertips touch air


more crepuscular haikus

under the oak's arm
waning moon at 5 am
dreams and false alarms


nearly full moon ringed
promising tomorrow's snow
hopes on portents hang


sky wavers with clouds
breeze wafts and lifts hair and hem
words wait while thoughts lapse


watching five bluebirds
perched at January's end
now and not symbol

between night and day
my fleeting favorite blue
deep breathes and heart breaks

for LC:)

women in kitchens
preparing for our daughters
selves and cakes and worlds

(for K.:)
half moon half empty
scones golden and soft baking
comfort you offer


women in kitchens

warm soapy water
plate in my hands does not mourn
hands that made its shape

i read of desire
to understand or withstand
she kneads dough to rise


winter and midlife
dishes always need washing
you are far away

another morning
woodpecker's red mohawk seen
sharing words not sights


on clear winter days
limits illuminated
windows full of hills